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AVT PI-1000T Trim Inspection Station

PI-1000T Trim Inspection Station, one of AVT Package Vision Products.


The PI-1000T is a non-contact, high speed, machine vision inspection system, for monitoring the IC, lead and dambar. The system is built on standard components for openness, flexibility of use, ease of integration and trouble free maintenance.

The PI-1000T is based on Microsoft Windows and has the familiar user-friendly menus and screens for ease of use. Pre stored package information minimises operator set-up time.

The applicationís high speed and ability to detect even very subtle defects, like slivers, (which most other applications cannot detect), improves your manufacturing yield.

The PI-1000Tís flexibility ensures ease of integration to your current environment. It supports both back light and front light configurations; (this is especially useful when space is a constraint). Further, it is capable of interfacing with external devices easily through its input/output capability.

Perhaps, the biggest benefit to you would be increasing your manufacturing yield through process control using the PI-1000T.

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